About Us

At Ride The Swell, we are outdoor adventurers!

We spend countless hours on the ocean, up mountains, in the dirt, and in the air. If you can ride it, sail it, sit on it, peddle it, or just plane old walk over it, we'll give it a go. So we have a genuine need to have the right equipment that's durable for the job.

But when you're travelling and spending your hard earned dollars on flights or specialised equipment, there's very little left over for those items that make a difference to your trip. That's where Ride The Swell was borne - from the need for Affordable Quality Outdoor Adventure Equipment.

So if you are looking for gear that simply works at an affordable price, then you are at the right place!


Meet us

We are real people, who source quality products. We test it ourselves and then offer it to our community at the best price possible. At our core, we are people who love to get outdoors. We love the lifestyle, the stories, the adventures and the unknown that comes with it. Your stories inspire us, just as much as we hope our stories inspire you!

In the end, we want to build a long-term relationship with our community of adventurers. And whether that is a one-off trip you have planned, or whether you live the life of a nomad, Ride The Swell would love to hear from you.

Please let us know if there's ever anything we can do for you.

Flying AMA on Storm OC1
OC6 canoe race heading into Harbour - Gold Coast, Australia

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