Where in the World? Antarctica

Most of the Ride The Swell Dry Bag users are people who are kayaking, hiking, or simply heading to the beach. But we recently received photos and an email from Liz and Sal, who ventured down to Antarctica! Here’s their story ….

One of the requirements for the trip was to take a Dry Bag. And with what we experienced, it was essential equipment. We decided to take a 20L and 10L bags, and both were used nearly every day. As the brochure said, no two days were ever the same!

Leaving Argentina, the cruise ship took 2 days to get to Antarctica. We were lucky enough to have several trips out on the zodiacs (inflatable boats). Taking our brand new camera, some food and water, and a few other belongings, the 20L Dry Bag was large enough and gave us reassurance that nothing was going to get ruined with water. And having the double straps was so handy when walking around the Shackleton’s camp.

None of the photos I have sent have been touched up. The colours there are amazing! And the wildlife absolutely abundant. Mind you, as cute as those penguins look, the smell is beyond belief!

Thanks RTS. We’ll be using our Dry Bags for many more adventures!

Thanks Liz for sending through your Ride The Swell story. Looks like Antarctica is going on my bucket list now too.