Where in the World? Nepal

Base Camp – Mount Everest 2017

For some people, an adventure of this magnitude happens once in a lifetime. But for Sandra, an experienced world traveller, Base Camp at Mount Everest was only a little hill to climb!

I got wind of Sandra’s expedition as she was raising funds through Interplast for the Turia Pitt Everest Trek 2017. It wasn’t hard to get on board and support such a great cause.

Despite being a single mom with an 18-month old little boy, Sandra trained hard! Every spare moment was hiking up trails between Byron Bay to Noosa (Australia). Building up the stamina and focus to tackle this amazing adventure.

Well done Sandra, you are an outstanding person. And thanks for sending through a photo at Base Camp with your Ride The Swell 10L Dry Bag.


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Where in the World? Argentina

Sally recently used her 20L Orange Ride The Swell Dry Bag on her travels through Argentina. Here she as Iguacu Falls. She sent through this photo after taking a break on her hike.

“I didn’t want to take a lot with me, but I grabbed my 20L Dry Bag all the same”, Sally writes. “A water bottle, my hotel room key, purse, sunscreen and a throw over sweater. It was cooler than I thought, so I put the sweater on after we had stopped half way.”

This orange 20L Dry Bag has the Double Straps which makes it ideal for hiking. And while it might have been a little large for the activity for the day, it kept all her belongings secure and dry.

Congratulations Sally. That’s one great shot of the Iguacu Falls. And one great memory that will last a life time!